Benefits of a Hamstring Support

Benefits of a Hamstring Support

A hamstring strain is a common sports injury, especially in athletes competing in sports which require sprinting, stretching or high kicking motions.

A pulled hamstring or hamstring strain is felt as a sharp pain in the back of the thigh, and how many times have we seen a football player or athlete pull up in the middle of a match or a race clutching the back of their leg?

Causes of a Hamstring Strain

The hamstring muscle makes up an important part of the muscle system in the leg, as it consists of three different muscle groups from the pelvis to the back of the shin bone.

The hamstring works very hard during sprinting and stretching, so it is very important for athletes to undergo a proper ‘warm up’ before exercise. This will increase blood flow to the muscles, loosen the joints and reduce the chance of suffering an injury.

If a hamstring strain does occur, it will usually be because the muscle has been stretched beyond its limits and the muscle has been torn. A strain can be classified as a first, second or third degree tear – with a first degree tear being damage to a few muscle fibres and a third degree tear being a serious injury accompanied by swelling and bruises.

Best Hamstring Supports

Although a hamstring strain can leave you out of action for several weeks, immediate treatment with an ice pack followed by a programme of gentle resistance work and stretching will help you return to fitness.

The use of a support in the hamstring area is also recommended when you return to action, as a good support will provide heat retention, compression and support. One of the other benefits of a hamstring support is that is can help to prevent injuries in the first place by retaining muscle warmth.

LP provides a range of quality supports for the thigh and hamstring areas, and these will help you to recover from injury while protecting the hamstring area.

LP Thigh Supports

LP Thigh Support / 705 - £10.50

The LP Thigh Support is made from the highest grade closed cell neoprene, covered with stretch nylon on both sides. This means that it is very comfortable to wear, and it is worn as a sleeve by pulling over the leg so it is important to select the correct size.

The neoprene will help to retain body heat to warm the thigh and increase blood circulation.


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Adjustable Thigh Support

LP Adjustable Thigh Support / 755 - £11.50

An alternative product is the adjustable LP Thigh Support.

This provides the same benefits, but is a universal fit support so includes Velcro straps which can be adjusted according to the size of the thigh.


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Extreme Thigh Support

Extreme Thigh Support / 705CA - £21.50

The Extreme Thigh Support s also recommended for the recovery of hamstring strains.

Each Extreme product includes innovative Coolprene material, so as well as providing the usual benefits of a hamstring support it also helps to keep the skin dry, especially during prolonged use.

These supports are also recommended for athletes recovering from pulled muscles in the quadriceps area.


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Wearing a good quality support can help to prevent injuries and well as aiding recovery. It is also important to maintain muscle strength as well as making sure muscles are properly warmed up and ready for action before exercise.


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