How a Power Elbow Sleeve Boosts Performance

How a Power Elbow Sleeve Boosts Performance

The elbow joint connects the forearm to the upper arm, and is heavily used in sports that involve throwing, lifting, spiking or bowling.

These actions send a lot of energy through the elbow, so if you are looking for a boost in your performance or need to protect an injury then the LP Elbow Power Sleeve is recommended.

The Power Elbow Sleeve is part of the Embioz Power Range from LP, which uses three main technologies to not only improve stability and coordination in the elbow but also increases blood circulation to prevent fatigue.

This combination allows athletes to experience enhanced performance as well as enjoying full protection and support to the elbow.

The technology behind the LP Power Elbow Sleeve

Power Band

Power Band technology used in the LP Power Elbow Sleeve is based on the same basic concepts employed by kinesiology tape.

Power Band stimulates muscles, stabilises joints and increases the flow of blood through pressure, elasticity and recoil.

The Power Band in the LP Power Elbow Sleeve covers the upper arm and elbow to increase proprioception, stabilise the joint, and enhance the explosive strength of upper arm muscles to improve throwing, swinging and spiking.

Seamless Tech

The seamless technology and integrated stitching on the LP Power Elbow Sleeve improves on the shortcomings of multi-block fabric splicing. It provides optimal comfort by reducing the amount of protruding or uneven threads, eliminating discomfort from chafing during exercise.

Seamless Tech also ensures a closer and more even fit, increasing contact with the skin and providing continuous, smooth coverage for the elbow.

General Compression

The General Compression technology behind Power Sleeve helps to increase muscle endurance and delay fatigue.

By applying pressure, General Compression helps improve blood circulation which helps to enhance muscle endurance and delay aching and fatigue. In addition, it also helps to prevent injury by decreasing the degree of muscle vibration, which reduces pulling on tendons and joints.

LP Power Elbow Sleeve / 250Z - £11.99

The short sleeve allows a full range of movement without restriction, and the Lycra Soft material is durable, breathable and fits perfectly.

The LP Power Elbow Sleeve is available in a choice of either Black or White and in all sizes. It is priced at £11.99 and a full sizing guide is available.

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