Knee Support for skiing

Knee Support for skiing

The best knee supports for skiing will provide complete protection for the entire knee. Our most popular supports from LP are shown in this at-a-glance guide with further details provided in the article below.

 Knee Supports for Skiing

Hinged Knee Stabiliser / 710


Extreme Knee with Posterior Strap


Knee Stabiliser with Buckles / 709


Open Patella Knee Support / 708



Skiing is an exciting and exhilarating sport, but as it is a comparatively dangerous activity it is very important to wear adequate and appropriate protective supports when you are on the slopes.

Skiers sway their hips and knees to maintain balance, which means that muscles surrounding the knee joint, quadriceps, hamstrings, abductors and hip abductors contract constantly. This can lead to muscle tightness and fatigue.

Skiing injuries

The knee is one of the most vulnerable area of the body, and it is one of the most susceptible to injuries during turning, as this is when the knee is twisted to turn or change direction.

The most common knee injury among skiers is damage to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). This is one of the main ligaments within the knee, and injury occurs when ligament is overstretched such as when the lower leg twists away from the upper leg.

This injury is particularly common among skiers as the extra length that the skis provide gives more leverage and increases the pressure on the knee.

These injuries can occur with a severe twist, and they are also common when moving at slow speeds when there is not enough force to open the bindings on the skis and protect the knee from the leveraging effect – so take care when moving at slow speeds at the top and bottom of the slopes!

Skiers can also damage other ligaments in the knee such as the minor medial collateral ligament (MCL) and lateral collateral ligament (LCL).  These ligaments can sprain or tear due to the twisting and turning involved in changing direction.

Why do I need to wear a knee support for skiing?

A good quality knee support offers extra compression and support to the knee area, and are especially recommended for skiers returning to the sport with an old or partially healed ligament injury.

They will provide stability to the knee and allow continued participation while providing protection against further injury.

There are several different sorts of knee braces and supports available, so the LP Sports Medicine Team has put together some recommendations for the best knee supports for skiing that are available in the LP range.

Best Knee Support for Skiing

As it is common to damage more than one part of the knee during injury, the best knee supports and braces will provide complete protection for the entire knee.

LP Hinged Knee Stabiliser

LP Hinged Knee Stabiliser / 710 - £32.99

The LP Hinged Knee Stabiliser provides firm support on the injured joint, and most importantly includes a metal hinge to provide stability for the knee MCL and LCL.

This helps to dissipate and counteract the resistance on the knee joint, keeping the knee within normal range and helps to prevent recurrent ligament injuries caused by twisting and turning.

The combination of the open patella design and additional neoprene pad helps to relieve pressure on the patella and enhance knee stability.

This is the most popular knee support for skiing in the LP range, and is available for £32.99 in a range of sizes.


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Extreme Knee Support with Posterior Reinforcement Strap

Extreme Knee with Posterior Strap / 533CA - £26.99

This Extreme Knee Support (code 533CA) is constructed with LP’s unique Coolprene material which helps relieve pain, swelling and stiffness, and helps injuries to recover faster.

The adjustable strap with cushioning pad applies compression on the patella tendon while the semicircle pad relieves patella pressure.

The extra straps helps to apply compression and stability to a weak knee joint and the support fits all knee sizes. 


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Knee Stabiliser with Buckles

Knee Stabiliser with Buckles / 709 - £31.99

The LP Knee Stabiliser with Buckles provides even complete protection and even compression to injured or recovering knees.

It includes medial and lateral stays which offer extra support and stability, while two hook and loop straps allow adjustment for maximum compression when needed.

The additional neoprene circle pad around the patella also provides padded protection and stabilisation to prevent patella displacement.


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LP also provides a range of mid-level knee supports which provide support and compression for weak knees and help to prevent against injury, so don’t let knee pain prevent you from enjoying the slopes!


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