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Volleyball Knee Pads

Volleyball Knee Pads

Volleyball is an extremely athletic and demanding sport, with players required to jump, twist, turn and smash throughout the game.

Volleyball knee pads are essential for a serious volleyball player, as players are often required to thrown themselves at the ball with the intention of keeping it from hitting the ground.

This can result in the knee coming into contact with the ground many times throughout the game, and as volleyball is often played on a hard or indoor court this can result in a the knee being at frequent risk of damage or injury.

Why do you need Volleyball Knee Pads

The knee is a very complex structure, and as it is so vulnerable to injury it is important to wear proper protection to help prevent injury. This is especially true in volleyball where the knee is likely to suffer a number of high velocity impacts through the game.

Volleyball knee pads provide essential protection for the patella, surrounding muscles and ligaments and they will also guard against the scrapes, knocks and bruises that volleyball players suffer from.

A good quality volleyball knee pad will also help to support the knee as well as giving you confidence in your performance. If any part of your mind is on the possibility of getting injured during the game, this could give opponents an advantage if you hold back in going for a play.

LP Volleyball Knee Pads

The LP Supports range includes a number of knee pads which are suitable for volleyball players and they vary in price according to the material used.

LP Knee Pad / 777

These LP Knee Pads offer high density padding cushions against blows and bumps, protecting the knee from burns as well as minimising the chance of future injuries.

They are made from the superior KEVLAR fibres from DUPONT, which are treated with abrasion resistant and non-slip adhesive to make for the best protection.

The pads are comfortable to wear as they are comprised of stretch nylon as well high quality neoprene to retain body heat and provide support. They are ideal for volleyball players as well as basketball players and football goalkeepers.

These LP Knee Pads are available in all sizes for £18.99 each and are supplied in singles.

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LP Knee Guard / 610

LP Knee Guards absorb impact to help prevent injury and also protect against bruises and friction burns.

They are designed with polyurethane foam for maximum shock absorption, and maximum protection to the knee is provided with the extra high moulded construction.

These knee guards are available in either Junior or Senior size and are priced at £12.50 per pair

Volleyball knee pads may be a small investment, but they are an important part any player’s kit and are crucial in extending the time you can spend on court.

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Volleyball knee pads may be a small investment, but they are an important part any player’s kit and are crucial in extending the time you can spend on court.


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