What is the difference between an Open Patella and Closed Patella Knee Support?

What is the difference between an Open Patella and Closed Patella Knee Support?

Open and Closed Patella Knee Supports are the most common types of knee supports available.

The main difference between them is that in an Open Patella Knee Support the kneecap (or patella) is left uncovered at the front of the knee, helping to relieve pressure on the patella.

We have covered the other benefits and difference between the supports in our article below, and we have also prepared this at-a-glance guide to our most popular supports.


Open Patella Knee Support


Closed Patella Knee Support



The knee joint is one of the most complex areas of the body, as it is responsible for co-ordinating joints and muscles as well as helping the body to perform a range of different movements.

However, injuries to the knee joint are very common as the joint is subject to the strain of supporting the entire weight of the body during these movements.

Knee injuries are common across all sports, from injuries due to the repetitive motions of running through to sprains and strains resulting from the twists and turns in sports such as football, tennis and skiing.

The knee can also be subject to sudden impacts and many other injuries affecting the ligaments and cartilage which make up the joint.

The Benefits of a Knee Support

A good quality knee support will provide support for the knee joint as well as other benefits such as compression, heat retention and protection from further injuries.

There are a wide range of knee supports and braces available, and the level of support varies from Elasticated Supports through to Knee Stabilisers and Braces for more serious injuries.

Although the level of support can vary greatly, one of the ways in which knee supports can be differentiated is whether they are of an open patella or closed patella design.

Open Patella Knee Supports

All knee supports will cover the entire knee joint, and the main difference between an open patella and closed patella knee support is that the patella (or kneecap) is left uncovered at the front of the knee.

Many of these supports will offer extra protection to the patella, and the LP Knee Support Open Patella is one of our most popular products with a reinforced patella stabiliser included in the support.

LP Open Patella Knee Support / 708 - £13.99

This helps to prevent abnormal tracking of the patella during activities, making sure that it stays in proper alignment with the rest of the joint. It also helps to relieve pressure on the patella.

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Many of the other supports and stabilisers in the LP Knee Support range feature an open patella design, and these supports can be considered better for longer periods of exercise as well as providing the extra benefits of the patella support.

Closed Patella Knee Supports

Closed Patella Knee Supports take the form of a continuous sleeve of reinforced material, so they allow plenty of movement of the knee joint while still providing the overall support required.

The LP Closed Patella Knee Support (706) is a great example of this kind of support, and it is made from high quality closed cell neoprene for heat retention and improving blood circulation.

LP Closed Patella Knee Support / 706 - £11.00

Closed Patella Knee Supports offer great all round protection for the knee, and they also offer ever so slightly more support than Open Patella Supports so they are favoured by athletes in sports such as weightlifting.

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As well as choosing between an open patella and a closed patella knee support, you will also need to decide upon the level of support you need.

Supports are available in several different materials from LP, including Elasticated supports for minor injuries and protection, Neoprene supports for compression and heat retention and our Extreme range which has a unique pump action system to keep the skin dry.

LP’s comprehensive range of knee supports includes several variations of both open patella and closed patella knee supports, and although there are differences between them they both provide a great level of support as well as the specific benefits that each provide.

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