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Elbow & Arm

Elbow Supports

The elbow connects the upper and lower parts of the arm and allows it to bend and stretch naturally. However, highly repetitive work, over-exercise or inappropriate application can lead to elbow injuries and strains including tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow.

LP’s range of high quality elbow supports and elbow braces help to relieve pain associated with elbow injuries by providing compression, support and maximum protection. LP elbow supports will also reduce the risk of further injury as well as aiding recovery.

LP elbow supports provide varying levels of support and are available at several different price points across the range, so the first thing you will need to consider is exactly what you will be using your support for.

Tennis Elbow Supports

One of the most common injuries suffered to this area of the body is tennis elbow, which is a form of elbow tendonitis where the outer part of the elbow becomes sore and tender. This should not be confused with golfer’s elbow, which affects the inside of the elbow.

Several of LP’s elbow supports are designed to relieve pain and protect a tennis elbow injury. These supports provide pressure on the muscles and tendons in the affected area, and some of these supports can be used on the inside of the elbow for golfer’s elbow injuries as well.

The LP Tennis Elbow Support (701) is a very popular support for this injury, and another option is the Tennis Elbow Support with Strap (723).

Elbow Supports

Elbow supports can also be used to protect an existing injury and permit continued activity during recovery. Neoprene Elbow Supports are especially popular as the neoprene helps to improve blood circulation while providing a therapeutic treatment to muscle and joint pain. Supports are also available in the Extreme range, including innovative Coolprene material to help keep the skin dry and are ideal for use over longer periods. 

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