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LP Rigid Wrist Brace 550

Rigid Wrist Brace / 550


Measure the circumference of the wrist.

Small 5 ¼  - 6 ½ "  13.3 - 16.5cm
Medium 6 ½  - 7 ¾ "  16.5 - 19.7cm
Large 7 ¾ - 10 "  19.7 - 25.4cm

Hand wash with mild soap in cold water. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry at room temperature. Do not machine wash or dry.

The LP Rigid Wrist Brace is designed for athletic protection and provides controlled resistance to an extreme range of motion. It serves as an effective protective guard after sports injury.

The brace is contoured to the palmer-wrist curve, so it does not restrict the motion of the fingers but shields the wrist from excessive impact and equips for better protection.

The finger strap allows easy fitting for every hand size, providing optimal comfort and ensuring simple application. When wearing the rigid wrist brace for an extended period of time, the ventilated pad helps dissipate moisture and heat effectively and provides skin comfort.

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