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Running is an incredibly popular pastime, but unfortunately injuries can occur due to inadequate warm ups, over training or an increase in intensity. The most common injuries for runners involve the lower extremities, and these can include knee joint pain, ankle joint inflammation or thigh muscle strain.

These conditions can result in acute or chronic injuries to runners, so protection of the runner’s knees, ankles and other lower body parts before and after injury is crucial to ensuring runners can continue to enjoy this form of exercise.

Runners are advised to apply tapes or wear braces for basic protection and prevention. If acute injury does occur, it is recommended that runners stop training immediately and follow the “PRICE (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) treatment protocol.The injured joint should be immobilised as soon as possible and injuries should be examined by a physician or trainer before a runner resumes training.

The LP Support range is especially recommended for running related injuries such as Runners Knee or ankle sprain. They can also to help prevent recurrent injuries.


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