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The LP Extreme range is the premier in supports design. Each Extreme support has an innovative layer of Coolprene® material developed by LP’s medical consultant team based on the theories of kinetics.

CoolPrene® dissipates heat during use through grooves and venting holes in the material which work in a pumping action when the joint moves.  This helps reduce or avoid undue perspiration and heat discomfort, especially during prolonged use.

Innovative Built-In Technology

CoolPrene® provides a comfort and protective environment for users. When wearing CoolPrene® product, the pain and fatigue caused by the injury will get relieved, and the recovery of injured joint and muscle will be be facilitated. During exercise, CoolPrene® gives the joint more stability to support and prevent body from injury. CoolPrene® not only focuses on the symptoms release of injury, but also the prevention of all the benefits, CoolPrene® creates the dynamic protection for users.

Pumping Action

CoolPrene® support was stretched bi-directionally to create a pumping action during movement and muscle contraction. The perforated slits dissipated the heat and sweat out from the body. When returning to its original position, the channels of CoolPrene® absorb fresh and cool air through the slit.

Dynamic Compression

CoolPrene® stretches and rebounds during exercise and muscle contraction. The diamond-shaped grids generate a compression force and a superficial massaging effect on the muscle to release pain and tightness, meanwhile increase circulation, decrease fatigue and enhance muscle and joint flexibility.

Anti Slip

CoolPrene®’s diamond-shaped grids and grooves increase the contact area to the skin and grip closely to the skin, creating friction to prevent slipping. Even with sweat channeling between the CoolPrene® material and the skin, CoolPrene® support provides stability and protection without slipping off.

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