Premier Ankle Supports

The LP Premier Ankle Support Collection will provide protection, support and compression to the knee joint, relieving knee pain and ensuring faster recovery from injury.

Our Neoprene Ankle supports provide a therapeutic treatment to muscle injury and joint pain, by retaining body heat and improving blood circulation.

Our Extreme Ankle Supports are manufactured from unique Coolprene material, which dissipates heat through a unique pumping action and vents in the material. This keeps the skin dry and makes Extreme supports ideal for use over longer periods.

LP Ankle Supports can be used for running, football and in all sporting activities, providing support, compression and rehabilitation as well as protection from further injury.

Neoprene Ankle Support / 704


Extreme Ankle Support / 757CA


Elasticated Ankle Support / 604


Extreme Ankle Support / 728CA


Ankle Support with Stay & Strap / 775


Ankle Support with Straps / 764


Elite Ankle Brace / 597


Ankle Wrap / 634


X-Tremus Ankle Support / 110XT