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LP’s X-Tremus range was developed by sports medicine specialists to provide comprehensive protection for all level of athletes providing support and protection from sports injuries.

Using cutting edge 3-D technology, the 3-Dimension knitting mode combined with the 3-Density knitting levels will not only provide you with appropriate support and protection, it will also enhance your athletic performance and joint stability thanks to our unique M.S.D innovation.

Innovative Built-In Technology

Magic Power Band

The high density knitting of the Magic Power Band helps to store energy when the muscles contract and the joint flexes, and then release the stored energy by improving the explosive motion when the joint extends to benefit sports performance.

Stable Compound Structure

The medium density contour is designed to fit the body structure to help safely stabilise the body structure, enhance performance and prevent sports injuries.

Durable Fitting Knit

The high permeability fabric helps relieve the undue pressure, firmly support muscle and provides superior comfort and better breathability.

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