Ankle support for football

Ankle support for football

The LP Supports range includes a number of different ankle supports recommended for football. We will examine these products in more detail below and also provided this at a a glance guide to our most popular supports.

 Ankle Supports for Football

Neoprene Ankle Support / 704


Ankle Support with Stay and Strap 


LP Ankle Max Wrap / 694


Extreme Ankle Support / 757CA



Football players need to be very mobile, change direction quickly and have the strength and skill to tackle, shoot and pass accurately.

The leg muscles and joints take the brunt of any impacts sustained during football, making areas such as the ankle and knee most susceptible to any injury.

Ankle Injuries in football

The most common ankle injury in football is a sprained ankle, which is usually caused when the ankle is twisted inwards, damaging the ligaments. This will cause a swollen ankle and pain, much like ankle injuries sustained by runners.

Ankle sprains can occur for a variety of reasons, from the ankle twisting during a sharp turn to a sprain caused by an uneven pitch on a Sunday morning.

Injuries to the ankle can also be caused by repetitive motion, loss of balance or direct traumatic injury due to strong tackles or contact from opposition players.

Why wear an ankle support for football?

As your ankle does so much work during a football match, it is very important to keep it protected whether you are carrying an injury or not.

Research has shown that applying tape or wearing a brace or support will reduce the risk of ankle sprains, and most professional players will wear some form of protection. They will also help to provide stability to players recovering from injury.

If you are wearing extra tape or a good support then this will also give you a psychological boost that your ankle will have the strength and stability to get through tackles, perform sharp turns and you can keep your mind on the game.

Best Ankle Supports for Football

LP Supports has designed a range of ankle supports, wraps, braces and tapes that will provide protection during the match or training, increase proprioception and help to improve performance.

LP Neoprene Ankle Support

LP Neoprene Ankle Support / 704 - £8.50

This high quality neoprene ankle support is ideal if you are recovering from an ankle sprain or protecting a minor injury.

It provides support and compression to weak ankle joints, while also helping to reduce swelling and stiffness following an injury.

The open heel and toe design allows full range of movement, and the support is comfortable to wear as well as easy to slip on or off. It will also easily fit into any football boot or athletic shoe.

As this support is made from the highest grade closed cell neoprene, it retains body heat which warms the ankle and increases blood circulation.


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Ankle Support with Stay and Strap

LP Ankle Support with Stay and Strap / 775 - £20.99

Another of LP’s recommended ankle supports for football is the Ankle Support with Stay and Strap.

This support includes flexible spiral stays which provides extra stabilisation for medial and lateral support. A removable surgical elastic strap offers additional compression to talofibular ligaments.

This is a great support for reducing pain and stiffness with maximum support, while also preserving flexibility and providing protection from further injury.


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LP Ankle Max Wrap

LP Ankle Max Wrap / 694 - £14.50

An alternative to a traditional support is to use one of the wraps available from LP.

LP Max Wrap consists of strong, non-tear cohesive fabric and can be easily applied with concentric overlapping layers at various levels of compression.

The benefit of using a wrap instead of a support is that the level of compression can be adjusted if it is not immediately appropriate.

The material of LP Max Wrap includes a unique silicone backing which faces against the skin, providing localised compression and non-slip support. It is multi-functional, easy to re-apply and washable without any loss of performance.


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Extreme Ankle Support

Extreme Ankle Support / 757CA - £13.99

The LP Extreme Ankle Support is recommended for use over longer periods.

The support is made from LP’s unique Coolprene material, so it keeps the skin dry by dissipating heat through grooves and venting holes and a unique pumping action when the skin moves.

The Extreme support also offers all of the support and compression benefits of neoprene so helps to relieve pain, swelling and stiffness.

This support is fully adjustable so fits all ankle sizes.


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All LP Support products have been developed by a team of medical professionals to help protect your ankles from the stresses and strains of the football season, with a wide range of products available suitable for all injuries and general wear.

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