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Best Ankle Support for running

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Running is an immensely popular participation sport, with the many advantages of running including the consumption of calories, increase of endurance capability, accelerating the metabolic rate and an improvement in general fitness.

However, as running is so easy to start and participate in, many runners ignore the importance of prevention and protection from injury.

Injuries are most likely in the lower extremities of the body, with the most common injuries for runners including knee joint pain, ankle joint inflammation and pain in the thigh, shin and feet.

Ankle Injuries for Runners

The ankle is a very versatile area of the body, but it can be vulnerable to running injuries and the most common of these is an ankle sprain.

Ankle sprains are caused by a vigorous stretch or rupture of the lateral ligaments, and are usually a result of the ankle twisting inwards (forced supination).

Sprains are often caused by an awkward landing or ‘rolled ankle’ when running on rough or uneven terrain, and almost always occur after a sudden and unexpected impact.

The damage to the ligaments will cause throbbing, pain and swelling on the ankle, especially on the lateral side. You will have difficulty putting weight on the ankle, and if you do suffer a sprain while running you may be able to hobble along for a while but swelling and inflammation will soon set in.

Runners can also suffers from overuse injuries, incorrect posture and tendon injuries such as posterior tibial tendonitis. Stress fractures, achilles tendon rupture, muscle sprains and even broken ankles can also occur.

Best Ankle Supports for running

An ankle sprain can leave you out of action for a few weeks, but once you have completed a course of treatment then a good quality ankle support can help you get back in action.

An ankle sprain can leave you with weak ankle joints, and unfortunately if you have suffered from a sprain then it can leave you at a higher risk of further injury.

Ankle Support with Stay and Strap

Ankle Support with Stay and StrapA good ankle support will stabilise the ankle while providing firm and consistent support. LP offers a comprehensive range of quality ankle supports, and one of our recommended ankle supports for running is the LP Ankle Support with Stay and Strap (product code 775)

This support includes flexible spiral stays which provide stabilisation for medial and lateral support, while the removable surgical elastic strap offers additional compression to the talofibular ligaments.

The support helps to reduce pain and stiffness with maximum support, while also preserving flexibility and helping to prevent further injury. It is available for £20.25.

LP Neoprene Ankle Support

Neoprene Ankle SupportA less expensive support is the LP Neoprene ankle support which is priced at £8.25. This support provides support and compression to weak ankle joints, while helping to reduce swelling and stiffness after injury.

It is very comfortable and the open heel design allows for easy application and a full range of movement.

It fits easily within any sort of athletic or street shoe, and is an ideal support for runners that are looking for mild support when running.

X-Tremus Ankle Support

X-Tremus Ankle SupportFor the ultimate in support technology, the X-Tremus Ankle Support combines high performance with maximum stability and superior comfort.

The unique Plantar Magic Power Band enhances explosive motion of the ankle, while the Double Eight Stable Contoured Structure provides the stability that helps to prevent further ankle strains.

In addition, the J-shape silicone pad around the heel gives gentle massages to reduce ankle pain and swelling. It is priced at £25.99.

LP Ankle Supports help to protect this vulnerable area of the body and ensure you can continue to enjoy the many benefits of running.

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