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Ankle & Shin

Ankle Supports

The ankle joint cushions the body’s weight from impact with the ground, while the muscles of the leg maintain balance and co-ordination of the body during motion.

LP’s high quality ankle supports and ankle braces provide stability, compression and maximum support to the ankle as well as enhancing sports performance.

LP’s range of Shin and Calf Supports also provide maximum support and protection to the lower leg.

LP Ankle Supports are available at different price points across the range and will provide varying levels of support depending on the material used.

Neoprene Ankle Supports

Neoprene is the most popular material for ankle supports, with the highest grade closed cell neoprene providing heat retention, support and compression as well as a therapeutic treatment to muscle and joint pain or injury.

The LP Neoprene Ankle Support (704) provides support and compression to a weak ankle joint, while other supports include extras such as zippers, straps and silicone pads.

Extreme Ankle Supports

The Extreme range is at a slightly higher price point and includes innovative Coolprene material, which helps to keep the skin dry and so they are ideal for use over longer periods.

For the ultimate in support technology, the X-Tremus Ankle Support combines high performance with maximum stability and superior comfort.

LP Ankle Supports can be used over a wide range of sports including running and football, as well as for general wear. They will help to aid recovery as well as providing protection from further injuries.

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