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Hand & Wrist Support

Wrist Supports

The wrist is greatly involved in our daily exercises and can perform many different subtle motions. However, the more complex the motion, the more complicated the potential injury. Continual movements, fast motions or impact during exercise may lead to damage of the tendon or ligaments or more serious injuries such as wrist fractures.

The wrist can become very unstable after injury, so LP’s range of high quality wrist supports and wrist braces provide protection and support as well as helping injuries to recover faster. LP wrist supports and wrist braces are available in different materials and at different price points across the range, so the first thing you will need to consider is exactly what you will be using your wrist support for.

For minor wrist injuries and support for weak wrists, the Neoprene Wrist Support (753) provides firm support around the strained area and minimises chances of further injuries. This support is also available in the Extreme range, which includes Coolprene material to keep the skin dry.

Wrist and Thumb Supports

If you also need support for the hand and thumb, then this is provided in a number of other supports including the Extreme Wrist and Thumb Support (563CA). This includes a metal stay for partial immobilisation of the thumb, helping to prevent De Quervain’s disease.

LP also provides supports and splints for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is a condition that is caused because of pressure on the median nerve in the wrist. The LP Wrist and Thumb Support (776) includes a reinforced metal stay which provides stabilisation of the thumb.

Wrist Braces

The X-Tremus Wrist Brace (130XT) provides the ultimate in support technology. The brace is contoured around the thumb, so allows for optimum finger motion while the strap around the wrist provides stability and strength. The LP Wrist Support range also includes wraps for general support, wrist splints and fitness equipment such as Hand Guards and Fitness Gloves.

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