About LP

Trans Global Sports Limited is the UK’s largest sports supports supplier having specialised in this important market sector since 1988.

Trans-Global Sports Ltd has introduced and marketed the LP brand into the UK since 1988 as the sole distributor in the region. Today, Trans-Global Sports Ltd is a well-known and trusted sports performance specialist offering world-class products and excellent customer service.

LP’s goal is to design, manufacture and market technically advanced products for injury prevention, injury treatment and performance enhancement to athletes and sports enthusiasts. Extensive research, innovative design, and our passion for comprehensive protection has led to revolutionary products such as LP's CoolPrene® material; as well as the introduction of MaxWrap® that reinvents the concept of taping.

LP Supports’ has set its focus on Research and Development and is now recognized as the industry leader in sports medicine and in technical protective wear. It’s the number one brand in the UK, the number one sports support in the world!