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Best Knee Support for Running

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Best Knee Support for Running

Runner’s knee, otherwise known as patella-femoral pain syndrome (PFPS) got its nickname as it is such a common ailment in runners. With the weather improving as spring time approaches, there will be an increased number of runners on the road and a related increase in knee aches and pains.

Running is a stressful activity on the body, and the motions of running can cause an inflammation in the long tendon-fascia that runs along the lateral side of the thigh, from the pelvis to just below the knee joint. This can result in irritation and pain where the kneecap meets the thighbone.

Causes of runner’s knee 

Runner’s knee can be caused by a number of different factors, and can be a result of a sudden increase in training, increased hill-work (especially downhill) and running on tough ground conditions such as roads and countryside paths.

It can also occur as a result of weak quadriceps and tight hamstrings that are not conditioned sufficiently to support the patella. This can cause the patella to track out of alignment and put pressure on the knee.

The symptoms often include pain during running, after covering a certain distance and tenderness just above the knee joint. Symptoms vary per individual; some may experience sharp and sudden pain and others dull and chronic for different periods of time.

Knee Supports for running 

Although runner’s knee can be managed by strengthening the quadriceps and stretching the hamstrings, it can also be helped by using a knee support which will give the joint extra support whilst providing comfortable compression to help reduce swelling.

Knee supports can also be used in training to support the joint against extra impact from hard ground and increased exercise.

Best knee support for runningLP provides a range of knee supports for running, and the LP Supports Extreme Closed Patella Support (code 706CA) provides comfortable pressure on the affected knee joint along with maximum body heat retention.

Featuring CoolPrene® technology the support contains a series of grooves and venting holes that work in a revolutionary pumping action to regulate excess heat and sweat which enhances comfort.

This knee support is designed to stay in place during the longest of training runs, and the versatile nature of the support also means that is can be used to help with a range of different knee injuries with stretch fabric for ease of wear and comfort. It is available for £16.50

The LP Closed Patella Knee Support is also available in neoprene (code 706). Although this support does not feature the Coolprene technology, it will still provide compression and support as well as helping to improve blood circulation. It is available for £10.50.

Knee Brace for running 

Knee Brace for runningThe use of a knee brace for running can also help with runner’s knee, and the LP Support
 Patella Brace (code 769) applies pressure on the tendon below the kneecap.

This helps to spread the pressure from running across a larger area, taking the stress off the patella tendon. The brace will also assist with correct tracking and helps to provide relief of pain and inflammation in the knee.

The LP Supports Patella Brace is available for £8.50, and the hook and loop closure means that it fits all knee sizes.

LP Supports offers a wide range of knee supports for a variety of injuries including open patella supports and braces. Each support is carefully designed by medical professionals to relieve pain, prevent further injury and provide optimal wearing comfort.

With a range of sizes to accommodate all individuals, make sure you are well supported so you can perform at your best whatever time of year you are running.


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