Netball Ankle Supports

Netball Ankle Supports

The LP Supports range includes several different ankle support which are suitable for recovery from netball related injuries. The table below provides an at-a-glance guide to our most popular supports, which are examined in more detail below.

 Netball Ankle Supports

Neoprene Ankle Support / 704


Extreme Ankle Support / 757CA


Ankle Support with Stay and Strap


LP Ankle Max Wrap / 694



Netball is one of the most popular participation sports in the world, and is growing in popularity following the success of events such as the Netball World Cup in summer 2019.

Netball is a very technical game, and it involves a lot of changes in direction, twists, turns and impact on the lower limbs.

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This means that netball players can be susceptible to injuries to all core areas of the body, with ankle injuries especially common as the game is usually played on a hard court surface.

Netball Ankle Injuries

An ankle sprain is the most common type of ankle injury suffered by netball players, and this usually occurs when the ankle turns inwards under the weight of the rest of the body, causing damage to the ligaments on the outside of the ankle.

Sprains are common in netball, as players are often twisting, turning and landing in the close vicinity of another player. If the players gets nudged or pushed while in the air, then this can cause an awkward landing and a resulting sprain.

Netball players can also suffer from muscle strains, stress fractures and overuse injuries such as Achilles tendonitis. This is an injury which causes pain and inflammation in the Achilles area and is caused by a sudden increase in exercise, lack of warm-up or poor fitting sports shoes.

Netball Ankle Supports

If ankle sprain occurs, then it is important to rest the ankle as soon as possible and to apply the PRICE principles (protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation).  

The course of treatment will then depend upon the severity of the injury, but once this has been completed then a good quality ankle support can help you return to the court.

If you have suffered from an ankle sprain then this can leave you with weak joints, leaving you at a higher risk of further injury. It is therefore best to protect the area as best as possible.

LP Neoprene Ankle Support

LP Neoprene Ankle Support / 704 - £8.50

Neoprene is the ultimate material for compression and heat retention, which makes this ankle support our most popular for netball players returning from injury.

The support fits snugly around the ankle joint, with the open heel design allowing for easy application with full range of movement.

This support provides all the protection and support you need while fitting easily within any type of sports shoe. It will keep the ankle joint warm and is available in a range of sizes.


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LP Ankle Support with Stay and Strap

LP Ankle Support with Stay and Strap / 775 - £20.99

The LP Ankle Support with Stay and Strap is another ankle support that offers stabilisation of the ankle while providing consistent and firm support.

This support includes flexible spiral stays which provide stabilisation for medial and lateral support, while the removable surgical elastic strap offers additional compression to the talofibular ligaments.

This is an excellent support for preserving flexibility while helping to reduce pain and stiffness with maximum support. It will also provide protection against further injury.


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Extreme Ankle Support

LP Extreme Ankle Support / 757CA - £13.99

The LP Extreme Ankle Support is made from unique Coolprene material which helps to keep the skin dry and avoid undue perspiration.

This makes the Extreme Ankle Support ideal to use over longer periods, while still providing the support and protection required.


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LP Ankle Max Wrap

LP Ankle Max Wrap / 694 - £14.50

The use of ankle wrap is also a popular way to protect the ankle while recovery from injury.

LP’s Ankle Max Wrap consists of strong, non-tear fabric with a silicon backing, which means that it can provide localised compression and non-slip support.

Max Wrap has the advantage of being fully adjustable, allowing the user to customise support and avoiding unnecessary compression to areas where it is not required.

LP’s Max Wrap is easy to use and re-apply and is fully washable without any loss of performance.


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LP’s range of netball ankle supports have been designed by a team of sports medicine professionals, and are also commonly used by all sports people including footballers and runners.

LP Ankle Supports will help to protect this vulnerable area of the body while making sure you can maximise your time on the netball court.


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