Advantages of LP MAXWRAP®

Advantages of LP MAXWRAP®

LP MAXWRAP® is a premium wrap that is designed to aid prevention, treatment and rehabilitation after injury, with the unique silicone backing design providing localised compression and non-slip support to maintain stability.

LP MAXWRAP® can be applied so that the support/compression can be specifically selected and additionally isolated to the injured part of the limb, whilst leaving the rest of the limb free of constriction.

This concept, as well as the construction of the fabric, is unique and so fundamentally different from any of its competitors that it is patented internationally.

LP MAXWRAP® is designed to meet the requirements of the sports medicine and medical sectors, and the silicone face against the skin allows you to apply concentric overlapping layers around the relevant area of the body at the desired level of compression.

The main advantages of LP MAXWRAP® are:

  • It can provide localised support and compression, avoiding unnecessary compression to areas where it is not required.
  • Tension is fully adjustable to provide from light support to total compression.
  • It consists of strong, non-tear fabric.
  • Easy to use and re-apply.
  • Cohesive fabric, causing no pain or irritation to the skin whilst in use, comfortable to wear and painless to remove.
  • Washable, without loss of performance.

LP MAXWRAP® is a re-usable, cost efficient wrapping system, and it can be used on all injury prone areas of the body.

It is popular with athletes in many different sports and disciplines, and as well as providing protection against injury LP MAXWRAP® can also provide stabilisation of the wrist during activities such as weightlifting or tennis.

LP MAXWRAP® is available in four different variations for different parts of the body as below:

Calf, Hamstring, Knee or Thigh MaxWrap - £15.99 – Product code 691

Hand, Elbow or Patella MaxWrap - £11.75 – Product code 692

Wrist MaxWrap – £7.50 – Product code 693

Ankle MaxWrap - £14.50 – Product code 694

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