How Compression Shorts help with Groin Strain Recovery

How Compression Shorts help with Groin Strain Recovery

A groin strain occurs when the muscles in the inner thigh get over-stretched or torn, and can be caused by sudden movements such as kicking, jumping or twisting to change direction.

This injury is common amongst both professional and recreational sports people, especially footballers, athletes, tennis and hockey players who all play high intensity sports.

Symptoms of a groin strain

Groin strain injuries can range from mild to very severe, depending upon the damage caused to the muscle.

Symptoms include pain in the inner groin and inner thigh, pain when you raise your knee as well as swelling and bruising in the groin area. You may also find it more difficult to walk or run if suffering from a groin strain.

Groin Strain Recovery

The recovery time from a groin strain will depend on the severity of the injury and the recovery capabilities of the individual.

A mild strain should initially be treated like any muscle injury with ice, which will reduce swelling and pain. A period of rest will be required, and it is important to let the injury fully heal to prevent a reoccurrence of the injury.

A course of stretching and strengthening exercises to increase core strength will assist in this process. It is important to consult a qualified physician or doctor for a professional diagnosis and recovery programme.

If you are returning to action, then compression shorts can help with the process of groin strain recovery.

They will provide compression, support and warmth to the affected area and assist with the prevention of further strains

LP Compression Sport Shorts

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The LP range includes high quality compression shorts which will provide support to the groin, quadriceps and hamstring muscles.

These are ideal to wear if returning from injury, and they are extremely comfortable with an extra-wide, plush knit waistband.

These shorts can be worn under sports clothing or by themselves, and they are manufactured from 80% nylon and 20% lycra spandex for four-way stretch.

LP Compression shorts are available for £20.50, and are available in all sizes from Small through to Extra-Large.

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