Knee Supports for Cycling

Knee Supports for Cycling

A number of different knee supports for cycling are available from LP, and while we will examine each type of support in more detail below we have provided this at a glance guide of our most popular supports:


Extreme Knee Support with Posterior Strap / 533CA

Open Patella Knee Support / 708


Cycling is a relatively low impact activity for the lower body, but a large proportion of both professional and amateur cyclists suffer from knee problems. 

This is because the knee is a vital part of the pedalling motion and is in continual use. If there is any sort of biomechanical abnormality in the stroke or a problem with the riding positon then this will feed through to pain in the knee.

Common Knee Injuries

Anterior Knee Pain is probably the most common knee complaint amongst cyclists, which is when the knee hurts right at the front of the joint on the kneecap (patella).

Anterior knee pain can be caused by several different factors, including tightness in the quads so if one side is too tight it pulls the patella the wrong way so it doesn’t track smoothly.

A poor riding position can also cause pain in the knee, as if the saddle is too low or too high this means the knee is at the incorrect angle putting extra pressure on the muscles in the joint.

Preventing Knee Pain

There are several measures you can take to prevent and alleviate knee pain, both on and off the bike.

If you are a serious cyclist, then you must make sure that your riding position is as efficient as possible so there is the least amount of pressure and resistance to the knee joint.

This means that your saddle and handlebar should be at the correct height for your body size, and that other details such as the crankarm length have been considered.

As with any sport, you should also make sure your body is ready for riding with a thorough warm-up. This will get the blood flowing and the muscles loose before beginning activity.

Knee Supports for Cycling

If you are suffering from knee pain, then a visit to a physiotherapist will be one of your first points of call to identify the cause of the problem.

The use of a good knee support will also help to alleviate pain, and the LP Sports Medicine team has designed a series of knee supports for cycling to reduce impact on the joints and improve the endurance of muscles while riding.

LP Open Patella Knee Support / 708

LP Open Patella Knee Support / 708

The LP Open Patella Knee Support is one of our preferred supports for cycling injuries. This is because it helps to prevent pain that can result from muscle imbalance and instability due to the repeated bending of the knee during cycling.

The crescent shaped pad beside the patella helps to prevent abnormal tracking of the patella, making sure it stays in line with the rest of the joint.

It can also help to diminish pain and tightness on overused muscles.

The LP Open Patella Knee Support is available in different sizes.


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Knee Support with Posterior Strap / 533CA

Knee Support with Posterior Strap / 533CA

This support is part of the LP Extreme range, so it is made from patented Coolprene material to help keep the skin dry and provide superior protection.

It also includes medial and lateral stays to enhance knee stability and help dissipate burden of the knee during constant knee flexion and extension.

This support also has an open patella design, as well as two additional straps for patella stability. This is a one size fits all support so can be adjusted according to the size of the knee and compression required.


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LP offers a comprehensive range of high quality knee supports, which means that you can enjoy maximum time on your bike whatever your level of interest in cycling.

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