The Best Shoulder Supports for Sporting Injuries

The Best Shoulder Supports for Sporting Injuries

The shoulder joint is used in many sports, especially those which involve the use of the upper part of the body on a regular basis.

It is one of the most flexible and useful joints in the body, and provides the rotation required for throwing, ball striking in tennis and golf and bowling in cricket. It is also heavily used in sports such as gymnastics and swimming as well as impact sports like rugby.

As the shoulder is often subject to repetitive and frequent movements, then it can be susceptible to injury. LP Supports cater for all parts of the body, so as well as reviewing the supports we have available for the shoulder we will also take a look at some common shoulder injuries.

Common Shoulder Injuries in Sport

The shoulder is vulnerable to a number of different injuries across various sports, but perhaps the most commonly seen injury is damage to the rotator cuff muscles.

This is a group of muscles in your shoulder which work together to provide control and stability and also keep your shoulder centred.

If these muscles are overused or stressed then they can become damaged and result in conditions such as a shoulder bursitis or tendonitis.

Shoulder Bursitis is often a problem for tennis players due to the repetitive motions and stresses of tennis strokes, especially the serve where the arm is raised above the head. It occurs when the bursa becomes inflamed and causes pain whenever the arm is raised.

Rotator Cuff injuries are also seen in other athletes such as gymnasts, swimmers, javelin throwers and cricketers. All of these sports involve repetitive motions of the shoulder, so strong shoulders and correct technique are important to prevent injuries occurring.

Shoulder injuries in swimmers

A number of other shoulder injuries can occur in sports people, most notably in rugby where the shoulder accounts for 20% of all injuries suffered.

Rugby is a high impact sport, with numerous tackles and collisions throughout matches which can result in dislocation and damage to the shoulder. Rugby players can also suffer tendonitis and ligament damage to the shoulder caused by throwing or catching the ball with arms raised overhead at the lineout.

Shoulder Supports for Sporting Injuries

A good shoulder support should be an essential part of recovery from a sporting injury. As the shoulder is such a vulnerable part of the body, then if an injury is not rested and treated properly then long term damage can potentially occur.

The support will provide strong and stable support to the shoulder, and ensure that it heals in the correct position. The very best shoulder supports will limit shoulder mobility to make sure the injury heals in as fast a time as possible.

Neoprene Shoulder Support

LP Neoprene Shoulder Support / 738 - £24.99

LP has developed a range of shoulder supports that are designed to treat a number of shoulder injuries. The best-selling shoulder support in the LP range is the Neoprene Shoulder Support

Neoprene is the ultimate material for heat retention and compression, so this support retains body heat as well as providing the appropriate level of support. It also includes an adjustable hook and loop closure to ensure a proper fit.

This support will relieve discomfort and instabilities due to injuries and chronic shoulder conditions, while allowing you to move your arms freely. It can be worn on either shoulder and is available for £24.99.

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Therapeutic Warmth

LP also offers shoulder supports which offer therapeutic warmth to the shoulders and upper arms as well as providing support and protection.

LP Double Shoulder Support / 770 - £48

These supports include Velcro straps so they are easy to take on and off. They are available either as a single shoulder support (product code 732) for £40.99 or a double shoulder support (product code 770) for £48

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LP’s range of supports can help you recover as quickly as possible from shoulder injuries, with a high level of support and excellent comfort guaranteed whichever product you use.

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