Walking Boot Insoles

Walking Boot Insoles

Hiking is a great way to exercise as well as enjoy the great outdoors, from exploring the local countryside to visiting National Parks and more challenging treks down valleys and up mountains.

It is an activity that can be enjoyed all year round and by all age groups, and with minimal equipment required it is a fun way to spend some time with family and friends.

Why do I need Walking Boot Insoles? 

A good pair of hiking boots will include insoles as well as some support and cushioning. However, if you intend to go hiking on a regular basis or enjoy longer walks then it is recommended to use some specialised walking boot insoles.

Your feet can strike the ground thousands of times during a hike, and the foot will endure this burden straight from the ground. If foot muscles are fatigued and overstretched then the foot may not be able to absorb the burden properly, resulting in injuries or conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

In addition, after long-term walking excessive sweat and the friction between the skin and improper socks or blisters can lead to foot pain and blisters.

Walking boot insoles can provide cushioning, shock absorption and extra comfort, allowing you to enjoy longer walks and reducing the chance of incurring an injury.

They will help to maintain stability and balance during your walk, and can also help your walking boots to fit better, extending their lifespan and your enjoyment of the boots.

Walking Boot Insoles from LP 

LP Supports has designed a series of insoles to help support your feet, and these can be used for a variety of sports including hiking, walking and running. Some of the recommended insoles for walking and hiking include:

Sorbson Insoles 

LP Sorbson Full Insoles / 311 - £20.99 per pair

Sorbson insoles are LP’s premium insoles, delivering optimum shock absorption, cushioning support and maximum comfort. Built with a bio-mechanically engineered viscoelastic polymer, Sorbson Insoles are designed to dissipate heel strike shock and help reduce stress and strain on the ankle, knee and lower back.

These walking insoles help to prevent injuries resulting from torques and step shocks of the foot against uneven ground during hiking.

Laminated with neoprene and nylon fabric, they easily fit the foot shape providing an extra layer of protective skin.

Sorbson Full Insoles are available for £20.99 per pair, and Sorbson Heel Insoles are also available for £11.99.


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Air Massage Insoles

LP Air Massage Insoles / 302 - £4.99 per pair

These insoles are made exclusively from the highest grade open cell POLIYOU, which is a breathable super density polyurethane foam.

The foam includes pressure points that act like soft fingertips gently massaging the feet, relieving muscle tightness and reducing the chance of plantar fasciitis during hiking. They are breathable so they keep the feet dry and cool, and also relieve pain and stress on your feet.


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Performance Athletic Insoles

LP Performance Athletic Insoles / 303 - £7.99 per pair

Also made exclusively from POLIYOU, these insoles are also covered with soft terry cloth for comfort. LP Performance Insoles include a specially moulded arch and heel support to maintain the stability and balance of the foot.

The moulded shape redistributes pressure immediately and guides force from heel to toe without cumulative pressure on the feet. These insoles help to reduce blister formation and foot pain after long-term walking. They are available for £7.99 per pair.


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Whether you are walking for pleasure, with your pets or on a serious hike, walking Insoles are an inexpensive way to protect against injury, reduce the burden on the feet and extend your time in the great outdoors enjoying nature and getting fit!

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