What Makes a Good Cycling Wrist Support

What Makes a Good Cycling Wrist Support

Cycling is one of the best ways to stay in shape and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities, from casual riders through to serious and professional cyclists.

Cyclists can suffer from injuries in several areas of the body such as the knee, wrist, back and neck. This is often due to the overuse of the same body parts, poor riding postures over long periods of time or inadequate equipment.

Wrist injuries in cyclists

The wrist joint can be particularly vulnerable to injuries, especially if the handlebars on the bike are too high or too low. This can result in the wrist and / or elbow becoming damaged due to repeated overuse or overstretching while cycling.

If cyclists keep hands and arms in a fixed position for a long period of time, especially when riding over uneven terrain, elbows and wrists will absorb too much vibration and burden.

This can stress the ulnar nerve, which is the largest unprotected nerve in the body and is directly connected to the little finger and the adjacent half of the ring finger. If the ulnar nerve becomes inflamed, this can result in pain and numbness and leave your hand feeling weak. The risk of ulnar neuropathy may also be increased.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can also be a common injury for cyclists, which is caused by the compression of the median nerve at the wrist. It is characterised by numbness or tingling in the thumb, index or middle fingers or weakness in the hand.

Cycling Wrist Supports

If you are suffering from wrist pain caused by cycling, then it is recommended to visit a physiotherapist and to rest the injury.

A cycling wrist support can help you to recover from injury as well as provide stabilisation and comfort while riding. The LP Sports Medicine Team has designed a range of supports which are recommended for cyclists:

LP Wrist Wrap / 726

LP Wrist Wrap £8.50

The LP Wrist Wrap is specially designed to provide comfortable compression and support. It helps to prevent injury as well as treat existing injuries.

The wrap around design allows for thumb and finger movement and this suitable is fully adjustable so one size fits all.

LP Wrist Wrap is available for £8.50

Extreme Wrist Support / 753CA

Extreme Wrist Support - £8.99

This high quality wrist support is ideal for cyclists as it provides comfortable stabilisation and keeps the wrist in proper position during long-term riding.

The adjustable hook and loop closure helps relieve wrist pain and muscle fatigue through firm pressure and by maintaining the wrist in an ideal position to prevent overuse and overstretch. 

This support is made from LP’s unique Coolprene material, which provides dynamic protection to dissipate the overloading forces during motion as well as a massaging effect to diminish pain and tightness in overused muscles.

The layer of Coolprene material also dissipates heat during use which regulates heat and sweat so this support is ideal for use over longer periods.


The Extreme Wrist Support is available for £9.99

LP Wrist Splint / 725

LP Wrist Splint - £13.99

The LP Wrist Splint provides support for weak or stiff wrists and also aids in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.

The spoon stay may be removed as healing progresses for customised treatment.

The LP Wrist Splint is available for £13.99


Padded gloves and bar tape can also help to reduce wrist pain, as well as making sure your position on the bike is optimised so that your hands are resting on the handlebars and weight is not leaning through the hands and wrists.

You can view our full range of wrist supports on our website, so whatever your level of cycling, make sure that you enjoy your activity to the full with quality equipment, the proper posture and LP Supports to help keep you on track.

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