Why is Kettlebell Training so Effective?

Why is Kettlebell Training so Effective?

The popularity of kettlebell training has soared during recent years, and there are numerous benefits to incorporating kettlebells as part of your workout.

Firstly, kettlebells are fantastic cardio so they are a great way of improving and strength and a firm, lean physique without building up muscle bulk.

This can be important for athletes in many sports, especially those that need to incorporate speed, strength and agility in their discipline.

Kettlebells are also very popular as they are a great way of burning lots of calories very quickly! An American Council on Exercise study found that a 20 minute kettlebell workout can burn an incredible 400 calories.

One of the reasons kettlebell training is so effective is that a kettlebell workout involves movement from side to side and in and out, rather than just repeating a single motion or going up and down.

This is a fantastic workout for your core as well as your lower back and glutes, and also means that kettlebell training is a great way to lose weight and improve fitness.

Another benefit of using kettlebells is that they are great for recovery. If you have been injured or inactive for a while, then a few light kettlebell workouts will help to speed up the recovery process by getting the blood flowing and into the muscles you are working.

Kettlebell routines

There are numerous kettlebell routines available, ranging from simple double handed swings and push ups to advanced exercises using overhead lifts and squats.

Kettlebell classes and workouts are available at most gyms and training centres, so you should always consult with a trainer before embarking on a program.

However, one of the additional benefits of kettlebells is that they are easy to store, both and home and in the gym, so once you are familiar with a routine it is easy to incorporate kettlebells into your busy schedule.

Fitness Supports and Equipment

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Kettlebells are a really effective way to burn fat, build strength and get fit so there is no better time to use kettlebells as part of your fitness routine.


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