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LP provides the complete solution for tapes and accessories ranging from standard training tape to our revolutionary MAXTAPING with its unique 4-Arc pattern system.

Innovative Built-In Technology

MAXTAPING™ is an innovative functional kinetic tape helps treat sport injuries and edema, relieves pain and improves exercise performance, and it is used in many fields, such as sports medicine, health care, rehabilitation etc.

MAXTAPING™ is made of 100% cotton without medicinal additives, and feels like a second skin for maximum comfort by it's thickness and weight, water resistant and may be used during any activity, including swimming and ball exercises, and it can extend up to 140% of its natural length allowing for a full range of motion without restricting soft tissue movement.

The unique design of MAXTAPING™, when properly applied, results in skin lifting, increased circulation of blood and lymph, improved metabolism and pain/edema relief.

Intermittent wave pattern

The unique design of intermittent wave pattern glue, when properly applied, results in skin lifting, increased circulation, improved metabolism, and pain/edema relief.

Water resistant

MAXTAPING™ is water resistant and can be used during any activity. It can last for 2 or 3 days after application. Even if it touches water, the tape won’t fall off or lose function.

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