Best Wrist Supports for Skiing

Best Wrist Supports for Skiing

Skiing is a sport that is enjoyed on many different levels, from recreational skiers who enjoy a few turns a year through to professional downhill athletes.

Although the knee is probably the most vulnerable part of the body when skiing, (we have a separate post on the best knee supports for skiing) injuries can occur to other parts of the body and this includes the wrist.

Wrist injuries in skiing

The wrist is heavily involved in skiing actions, as the arms help to provide balance and it is also important to have a good grip on your ski poles.

The most typical injury of a skier’s upper extremity is ‘Skier’s Thumb’. This is usually caused during a fall, as an overstretched wrist with a ski pole in hand creates the force to overextend the thumb and damage the ulnar collateral ligament at the base of the thumb.

If this is left untreated, then the sprain of the ligament can lead to complete rupture and instability of the wrist and thumb. This means that it is important to provide support to injury and allow it to heal properly.

Wrist supports are also recommended for skiing if you suffer from a weak wrist joint, as the reactive force from snow to ski pole transmits to the wrist and can result in chronic wrist pain or instability.

The wrist, of course, is also vulnerable to heavy falls which can result in broken bones. Beginners are particularly vulnerable, but this can happen to anyone if the force is severe enough.

Best Wrist Supports for Skiing

There are several different sorts of wrist support available, so the LP Sports Medicine Team has put together some recommendations for the best wrist supports for skiing available in the LP range.

Extreme Wrist Support / 753CA


This quality wrist support is from our Extreme range, which means that it is made from a unique Coolprene material and helps to keep the skin dry.

This support will help to relieve wrist pain and prevent overstretching when holding ski poles in the wrong position.

It is ‘one size fits all’ so can be adjusted with the hook and loop closure to provide comfortable fit and stabilization during skiing.

When a skier falls and suffers hand overextension, this wrist support can help relieve wrist pain with firm pressure and firm support.

The Coolprene material will provide dynamic protection to dissipate the overloading forces during motion, and a massaging effect to diminish pain and tightness on overused muscles.

The unique pumping action of the Coolprene material also helps to wick away sweat during use for enhanced comfort during longer periods of use.


Buy the Extreme Wrist Support / 753CA


LP Wrist and Thumb Support / 776


This support is ideal for recovery from injuries to the thumb area as it includes a metal stay for extra stabilisation.

It will help to protect the ulnar collateral ligament without limiting hand movement and function.

This wrist and thumb support is made from the highest quality closed cell neoprene, providing firm support of the injured joint to achieve better athletic performance.

Neoprene is the ultimate material for compression and heat retention, and this support retains body heat to warm the wrist and increase blood circulation.


Buy the LP Wrist and Thumb Support / 776


LP Wrist and Thumb Support / 763


This wrist and thumb support includes an aluminium splint for partial immobilization of the thumb, while also allowing free movement of the fingers.

The support helps to prevent De Quervain’s disease and supports a weak or injured wrist.

Available in several different sizes according to the size of your wrist, this support is also made from the highest quality closed cell neoprene to ensure compression and maximum support.


Buy the LP Wrist and Thumb Support / 763


With such a wide range of quality products available, finding the best wrist support for skiing should be easy and allow you to enjoy more time on the slopes.


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